First post … ‘Singles’

Hello …

This is my first blog post.  I am unsure how it works but I have got this far … 😉

I thought to open with a short story… You might think it sad, or reflective, or something different ..

The Single ….

It was Thursday, the day I always visited her grave. The bus came and I asked the driver for a single to the cemetery.

“They are all singles to the cemetery” He said.

I smiled, it was a standing joke between us.

Alighting at the gates, I realised I had left the single rose behind. I had never done that before. She would have laughed at this memory lapse. Indeed, in my mind I could hear her singing now.

“You don’t bring me flowers, any more …”

I tided her grave, picking up the strewn leaves and washing the headstone which bore her name, and a single word at the bottom: Resurgam.

Aloud, I read a page from her favourite book, as always, smiling quietly at the intrigued listeners not far away. It was something I had promised her I would do for a year after she had gone.

Today was the last time, leaving some pages unread. Tempus breve …

Within a few months I would see her again. In the better Place.

The doctors were sure my time was limited. I didn’t care and they were mystified as to why. I would be with my Ellen again soon, but they had no need to know that.

They were doctors; logical, rational, scientifically minded people, and none of them believed in life after death.

They had no understanding of a single ticket.

I do; Ellen did.

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