Enough about Cancer …

The beauty of a Blog is that you can post controversial things… 😉

Should cancer should receive less prominence than is current? For a long time, cancer was not spoken about very much in public, but today it’s mentioned everywhere, and I would never deny that is as it ought to be. However, the begging appeals for funding are now endless, and seemingly ceaseless. In a Tesco this morning, there they were with the buckets and leaflets.

The poster read: ‘Today’s appeal is for Cancer’

Yes, and you appealed last week too, and three times last month also! Despite the absolute £millions of funding, cancer continues to kill with impunity. I know; I have carried the coffins too. Should now be the time to ensure other medical diseases and problems, receive much more publicity and higher funding?

Dementia is seriously short of research funding despite a new government initiative. Children’s Heart Services don’t attract funding such as what cancer does. Mental Health is begging for funding. Likely most readers could name something which is close to their heart, but doesn’t have the publicity or funding which cancer attracts.

For what illness or disease would you like to see funding increase?


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