Lived long and prospered …

Lived long and prospered …

They were old, no, they were rather elderly. Somewhere in mid-eighties I should think. They got on my bus yesterday morning, in Belfast. They assisted each other to the seats, and sat down carefully. He was cleanly shaven, trousers well pressed, his expensive navy overcoat was fully buttoned up. And the black, laced shoes shone like mirrors. His shoulders were bowed a little with age, and he leaned heavily on the tightly rolled umbrella when walking. She too had silver hair, over which she wore a small, plain navy hat. Her equally expensive black coat had silver type buttons. Her light grey trousers, as with his, were well pressed, and also as with him, her flat-heeled, navy shoes shone like lights. She kept her two bags close by.

I discreetly watched them both. Their attentiveness to each other was marvellous; it was of an era long since thrown aside by the rushing, button pressing society of today. Their dress sense, and deportment indicated lives lived long and prosperously. They spoke seemingly quietly to each, and I had the thought that perhaps, at home, they would finish each others sentences. They were a lady and a gentleman. I should so have loved to know their story.

Some hours later, the news broke that Leonard Nimoy, he who will ever be remembered as the fictional ‘Mr Spock’, had died. He was 83, and in the logical mind of the character for whom he shall ever be remembered, it was perfectly logical that he should pass on at this good age. I thought again of those two lovely souls who had been on the bus. Thousands of miles, and wholly different lifestyles separated them from Leonard. Yet, age reduced those differences. Courtesy, grooming, old world charm reduced the differences much, much further.

This cruel world needs such people, but daily we lose them. We should weep when we lose them for their likeness shall not trespass upon this earth again. Leonard Nimoy has ‘gone to his place’. I trust wherever he now finds himself, it is logical to him. It would be so wrong if this is not so ….

Michael …


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